Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ha... nearly the 2nd highest grade in the class.

Yeah, you know that physics exam I failed? Turns out I got an 84... =/ I'm just too good at bullshitting my way through questions, I suppose. Like my one answer that I received full points on:

Okay, here's the question:

Suppose you are in a train moving at constant velocity relative to the ground. You toss a ball to your friend several seats in front of you. Use Newton's second law to explain why you cannot use your observations of the tossed ball to determine the train's velocity relative to the ground.

Alright, now I'll tell you first off, I can't tell you Newton's second law if my life depends on it. Not even the basics of gist of it. So, what do I do? Bullshit mode, of course! Here's my answer:

"You cannot use your observations of the tossed ball to determine the train's velocity relative to the ground because what you are observing is the balls' velocity relative to the train. Your frame of reference is the same as that of the train because you are both moving at the same constant velocity."

Now, I didn't mention Newton's second law at all. Also, what I said makes no sense, I believe. First step to bullshitting is to restate the question to make it look like you know what you're talking about, next step is to put in some stuff that sound good and might be relevant to the question, or at the very least the topic (physics). Ta-da, you get an A, apparently. =/

So yeah, he told us the 2 highest grades in the class: a 96 and an 86. I got an 84, so yeah... Sad imo. And no, I do not feel like I deserve an 84... My test is garbage made wrapped around bullshit with random numbers thrown in. Hilarious.

Ah well.

I went and signed up for my gym membership today... Cost me a little over 100$. Ouch. But worth it, I think.

I know I say it every other blog post, but I'm going to change my life around for real. No more slacking, LOL. Starting tomorrow! You'll see... I'll do it.

Alright, that's about all. I've gotta head to bed now.


Oh might as well say what I've been doing the last week. I started going to a World of Warcraft forum and becoming e-popular. I got almost 1,000 posts in a week. Yes, I have no life. Also, I made a signature request post and got about 25 pages of requests before I finally close it (way too many requests, I couldn't keep up, and I need to get off there and turn my life around! >.>)

Anyway, here are some of the signatures I've made in the last week or so (yes, some of them are clearly bad and or not as good as others, it happens, especially when I made a lot of these around 4 or 5 AM with no sleep):


Denise said...

congrats on the test score! i always used to do that for tests. If you sort of know about life and you paid attention in class you usually do better than you think. I'm really proud of you. *smiley face*

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