Friday, July 30, 2010

Not a bad day...

Started out pretty blah but that's usual (Trust me, I'm not a morning person :| ). Then I pretty much watched the TV series 24 for several hours (Redemption [movie] then season 7 episodes), read some more The Best Life Diet and then decided to take a break and read one of the other books I got: The One Decision. After reading a few pages and skimming and reading a few more pages, I decided I didn't like that book too much. Oh well.

Then I went to my sister's and we went on a bike ride (well, her and her fiance Shawn road bikes while I roller bladed). It was super hot out; the sun was murder. We came back not too long after and then Shawn and I decided to go play tennis at the rec center for the first time in months. Pretty much like right when we started playing, some kid (15ish) asked if he could play with us and we kind of hesitated a second but we said sure. Shawn and mystery kid vs. me. I would say I won, but we don't keep score. :P From that though I realized I really need to start trying harder to become a better tennis player. My "play-style" is completely awkward and I still can't really get a serve in the right boxes / over the net.

Anyway, we played for about an hour because my leg started hurting pretty bad. Which was unusual because today my shins didn't hurt at all, even after some short sprint running. Although, that was unusual in itself: that they weren't hurting.

So Shawn and I headed back to my sister's where I proceeded to kick my sister's ass in Wii Sports: tennis. Sadly though, she beat me in bowling twice. My ball wasn't hooking at all though! I don't really like Wii Sports: bowling all that much.

Ah that reminds me, I wanted to play Shawn in tennis on the Wii. Damn.

Hmm. After that we watched Let's Make a Deal for a little bit, and then we played Family Feud game on the Wii. After getting my ass kicked several times in a row and it being nearly 11:30 decided to go home so I could post my blog update before bed. And I have to take my mom to a cleaning job in the morning anyway.

Which reminds me, I guess I'll go grocery shopping after I drop her off. What do I need... Let's see... Broccoli, mushrooms, roma tomatoes, green peppers, bananas, flat bread wraps, whole grain brown rice, spinach... That's all I can think of. Oh! Strawberries and red grapes too.

Okie dokie, well I guess that's all for today... Well, yesterday I guess since it's now after midnight, and that means it's time for me to go to bed.

Au revoir~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well, didn't meet all my goals...

BUT I did get a bit done on the blog! Added 3 new pages: Animes I've Watched, Generally Me, and Art Stuff.

Took me a long time to do the art page, haven't seen most of that stuff in years. It was quite nostalgic. :3

Played some basketball, caught up on anime, finished 24, and read some of The Best Life Diet.

Oh added an awesome youtube video to the right, you can see.

It's really awesome. Always makes me laugh. Enjoy.

What else, what else... Oooh, made a header for my sister's blog. It turned out alright I guess, but I'm reminded why I love anime pics instead of real-life stock images. Much easier to use, cut out, and blend and the end-result is just better looking in my opinion. Anyway, here was my result:

Shawn and Tiffany Robinson's Blog Header

This ended up taking me about 4 hours... And she wants me to make her a pink one now for her dieting blog. /wrists -_-

Ooooh well, that's about all I have to report. Going to read some more The Best Diet Life and then head to bed.

Good night and sweet dreams everyone ~

Plans for today...

Well, I managed to get up at 6 AM. :) But sadly I went to bed at around 10:40 PM but couldn't fall asleep till around 12:30... I hate it. My mom will close her eyes for 5 seconds and BAM she's out cold. My dad had no problem falling asleep instantly either. But for me it takes 2 hours. -_-

Oh, and then I woke up at 4 for whatever reason... I'm not sure, lately I've been waking up at 3 or 4 for the last week or so. It's kind of weird. And annoying.

But enough of that, on to my goal's for today:

1000 crunches (abs)
200 push-ups (pecs)
500 jumping squats (butt / lower body)
Read at least 100 pages of The Best Life Diet.
Finish season 6 of the TV series 24 (3 episodes to go :D)
Read everything (online) there is to know about being a pro tennis player
Basketball, 8:15-9:15
Learn to make a decent omelette
Catch up on anime (Naruto, Bleach, Detective Conan, Giant Killing, Major,

Alright, not a very lengthy to-do list but it will have to do since I can't run (or even jog) because of my shin splints, I hate my bike, and I have no money, lol. :)

That's my morning update, I'll report back before I go to bed tonight.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And the blog is looking... alright!

Well, I set out to setup a blog and that's what I did! :) Now I just need to stay motivated and update it daily like a journal (I've never had a journal or blog). Anyway, I doubt anyone will actually read any of these entries other than me but if you are reading this, you must be very strange. :P Internet and phone has been out since Saturday so I'm happy to really be on it again.

I went to the library today and picked out 3 books. Unusual choices for me, but unusual is good! Time to change my unmotivated sedentary lifestyle and become more knowledgeable and active. The books I got are: The Best Life Diet (Bob Greene), The One Decision (Judith Wright), and The Oxford Companion to Philosophy (Ted Honderich). As soon as I post this blog post I'm going to get back to reading The Best Life Diet for a bit and then watch an episode of 24 via Netflix (<3) and then head to bed.

My goal is to start getting up at 6 AM everyday... I think tomorrow morning will be my 8th day in a row attempting this... so far I have had 0 successes. >.< Wish me luck. If I do manage to actually get up I'm going to try to go out and jog a little bit, if my shins will let me. :(

Oh, I forgot to give credit where credit is due! I'd like to thank Denise Potter of somewhat of a spectacle blog. Her blog motivated me to start mine. And hopefully she doesn't mind but I sort of copied her layout setup. :P Thanks Denise.

Okay, that's enough rambling.

Mission Objective: Post first blog post.
Status: Completed!

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