Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Went to the gym, but now I'm sooooooore.

Dear Journal,

Uh yeah, it's been like 4 days since I last posted... this daily journal thing is turning into like weekly, lol. I'll try to update it everyday now, I just keep forgetting / getting distracted.

So, since last post... Let's see.

I downloaded Inception, since I heard it's pretty awesome, from everyone. And I started to watch it, but it was just too dark and I didn't want to watch a good movie in crappy quality so I deleted it.

Then I checked my Facebook and had over 200 new notifications. I was like what the hell!? Apparently 3 of my friends (Chris Noe, James Jackson, Chad Harbin) had a "fight" via one of my status updates at like 3-4 AM. It was pretty epic and entertaining. I enjoyed it. :3 Here you can see a couple of the comments (as I said, there were more than 200):

Sadly, it took me over an hour to read all of their fighting back and forth. BUT I hate breakfast / lunch while I did (I didn't wake up till noon).

After that, I found out one of the animes I like released a new OVA, xxxHolic Rou OVA. So I watched that. Very interesting. It takes place around 10 years from where the anime left off. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Then I headed to my Netflix and watched Gladiator (fighting / boxing movie). It was pretty good, I gave it a 3 out of 5.

Still in the movie watching mood, but something a bit lighter, I watched Priceless and it was pretty much what I was in the mood for. It was a French movie so it was subtitled, but that doesn't bother me. I ended up giving it a 4 out of 5. Then I went to bed. Pretty short day, huh.

Next day I woke up and weighed myself. I was happy, because somehow overnight I lost 2 pounds. I was a little worried that maybe I'd hit a "plateau" since I'd weighed exactly 176 for the couple days. But nope, I was now 174 ^^. Again I woke up pretty late today (around 1 PM). So I got dressed and all that morning stuff, and then I went out and mowed the front and back lawn. While I was finishing up, it started raining. Good timing. :)

I had a nice sweat going so I went and played some basketball / tennis for about an hour. I love playing basketball in the rain. Feels good.

Then I went for a quick rollerblading voyage of about 15-20 minutes.

When I got home and dried off, showered, and changed, sadly I sat down at my computer and started watching some World of Warcraft PvP videos (which I know I shouldn't do, because it makes me want to play) and sure enough, I wanted to play again. >.< But I resisted the urge and watched Bicentennial Man instead. I thought for sure I'd seen it before, but nope I never have. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Bed time.

It's a little hazy what I did for the last 2 days, because I started playing World of Warcraft on a private server, so it's free. But that's pretty much all I've done, so I am done playing again. Can't afford to get addicted again. But, I did get to go to the gym Monday night with my sister and her boyfriend for a couple of hours. It was a pretty good workout, and now my body really hurts, still. Next day I went to the gym again and did 46 minutes of walking / jogging on one of the treadmills. After a while though, my shoes started digging into my heals tearing the skin, so I'm going to have to start wearing tall socks instead of short.

My sister will be picking me up in a few minutes, because I guess she bought a ton of furniture and needs help moving it all... Joy. I hope I can help and don't get injured... I can barely move my arms right now, my body is still so sore. Going to go again tonight, hopefully. Not sure if I'll be able to after moving furniture tonight, and my body is really sore right now.

I'll be following this plan for tonight if I go:

Main exercises:
1. Barbell back squats – 2 x 12-14
2. Overhead dumbbell presses – 2 x 12-14
3. Barbell standard deadlifts – 2 x 12-14
4. One arm dumbbell rows – 2 x 12-14 with each arm
5. Dumbbell step-ups – 2 x 12-14 with each leg
6. Dumbbell bench press – 1 x 12-14
7. One-arm swings – 1 x 20 with each arm
8. 20 minutes cardio

Oh, I've started having a fruit smoothie everynight, around 9-10 PM. It consists of 2 ice cubes, 1/2 cup of skim milk, 1/2 cup of plain yogurt, 2 frozen strawberries, ~9 blueberries, a couple small pieces of carrot (for the high carbs after a workout), and 3-4 red grapes, 1 tsp raw honey. BLENDDDDDDDD. It makes for a pretty good beverage. :)

Okie dokie, well my memory sucks and that's all I've got. I NEED to start making a post every night before bed, that way stuff is fresh in my mind. :)

Oh yeah, just weighed myself. No weight loss in 2 days again. Stuck at 173.2


Denise said...

Good movies I've watched on netflix recently: Cashback and Amelie.

Dustin said...

Sweet, I'm sooo bored right now. I read the descriptions of em, they sound awesome. :) Going to watch Cashback now, then Amelie.

Thanks much. <3

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