Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Death Note Summary and Review


"If a human's name is written in this notebook, that human will die." That's what a strange notebook, discovered by Light Yagami, had written in it. Light was very skeptical at first, being an intelligent and logical young student.

Soon after though, Light discovers the notebook's previous owner: a shinigami named Ryuk. Light, who despises the crime and corruption around him, decides the notebook to be a god-send. Light decides to rid the world of crime and corruption by eliminating any heinous criminals, thus casting fear into would-be criminals. Light soon comes to be known by the name "Kira."

Kira also catches the attention of the International Police Organization, who in turn call upon the assistance of a mysterious and famous detective known only as "L." L quickly announces his challenge to Kira and Light gladly accepts.

So, the battle of wits begins in the epic battle of Kira vs. L, each plotting and planning and setting traps for each other, edging closer and closer.



Okay, first of all, let me say that Death Note is one of the best animes I've ever seen. It starts out strong and exciting and holds the viewer tightly until the very end, even though I didn't agree with the ending for several reasons which I won't discuss here. The character development is not great in this anime, except for Light, but it really wasn't necessary either.

I think the writers deserve a couple pats on the back. They really did a good job on putting everything into place, almost like Death Note was one big broken puzzle and they put it together. Another thing to point out is the art. I must say, Death Note is VERY pretty to look at, almost like eye-candy for me. Excellent job there.

Now, one thing I felt blemished Death Note a little bit is that some of the events seemed a little improbable. I mean, there were a couple things I felt were a little too far beyond belief (such as L concluding shinigami exist...cmon, are you kidding me?!) But that wasn't a huge deal, since they were such minor events.

Overall, Death Note is pretty dark and very entertaining to watch as it unfolds. If you like mystery-type anime, you MUST watch this anime. That's right, you MUST. For everyone else, I HIGHLY recommend watching the first few episodes at least, and if you can stop waching it at that point, I salute you. Enjoy this excellent anime.


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