Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vivienne Westwood - From NANA anime.

Yeah, the band members of BLAST from NANA had various jewelery and stuff of the brand name Vivienne Westwood. Randomly curious, I was looking for some of the stuff, and found out it's a real brand. Expensive too. :3

Here is one of the guy's Vivienne Westwood lighter necklace orbs:

And here's Nana's prized Vivienne Westwood ring:

The authentic ones are pretty rare and go for a few thousand each. Looks like you have to order them from Japan or you'll be getting fakes.

Anyway, I've started my next anime, and it happens to be based around music / bands too. The anime is called BECK. Going to watch a couple episodes then go to bed. ~


Oh, tomorrow I've got Physics in the afternoon and then Physics Lab at night, and I've got Physics homework to work on. I'm going to try to download some music in the morning though, and post a list of all the new songs I downloaded. I think there are about 30 of em. A lot of them are trance / popular in the UK, I believe. I generally like mainstream rock music.


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