Monday, September 6, 2010

Finished mah lab report!

Woohoooo, JUST finished my lab report. :x Took longer than I thought, and I did much more slacking than I thought.

Also, I added a tabbed page as you can see above: Weight Training Journal. I am required to have a log of exercises and stuff I do, for my Weight Training class, so I decided to just store it online, as it will be easier for me to keep track of and not lose. :) Plus, I plan on continuing it past the class.

I ordered 2 things off Amazon today... I won't be spending anymore money from now on, except on food and water. I've got everything I need (not everything I want of course, not by a long shot, but I'll survive ;P).


This will be the first time I've ever bought or used Creatine, so I only got 300g (2 month supply) for now to see how it works out. Hopefully it will help me gain muscle and that's all. :x

Well, that's all I've got for now. I'm going to toss this lab report onto my travel drive and then print it and go to bed. 'Night!


Denise said...

I like the necklace, but be careful with Creatine. Ever since that boy from our school almost died (guarenteed he was an idiot) it just really worries me when people use steriods.

Dustin said...

Yeah, thanks. I've done a lot of research on it, and there are some potential side effects, but generally it appears the worst that can happen is a mild stomach ache, and that's usually because people take more than 5g per day. If I think something's up though, I won't hesitate to stop taking the stuff, since it kinda worries me too, lol. >.>

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