Monday, December 13, 2010

Final exams... almost done!

Wooo, feeling good. Cleaned out my car friday. Took EVERYTHING out of the car, scrubbed the insides down, vacuumed, made it look perty. It looks like a new car. :) You should've seen it before, lol... Oh, went down to the college and took a computer test that I needed to graduate (well, either pass the test and pay 20$ or take the class... I went with the test) and passed, of course. :)

Got a B on my Speech final exam to secure a B in that class (I know, a B in speech, but she was a really tough grader...). Got an A in my Tennis (lol), Weight Training (lol again), and Systems Analysis and Design classes. Just have to finish up my career paper and resume and I'll have secure an A in my Career & Life Planning class. So, now it all comes down to Physics. The final exam is Wednesday.I will do well on it. I must do well on it. The force is with me (hey look, a physics pun).

I watched some movies over the weekend, which included Bourne Identity, Legion, John Q, and The Code. My favorite was John Q, but they were all satisfactory. :3

Cleaned up my computer again, since files on my desktop were overlapping because there were so many. Not even exaggerating, I literally cleared hundreds and hundreds of files. It looks nice and perty and organized again now.

Let's see... Oh, I didn't manage to write any anime summaries and reviews last week, but I will definitely do at least 2 this week, since Wednesday is my last day of classes. I've been busy fulfilling sig requests and stuff though. Speaking of sig requests, I still have like 8 to do. -_- Going to wait till like Wednesday though. Here are some sig requests I've completed in the last week:

Okay, so those actually weren't requests, I made them free for whoever wanted them, but I loved the picture so I had to make a sig out of it.

(I didn't like how this one turned out personally... made it animated originally but had a lot of problems. And it ended up being too busy. Ah well.)

(Runes of Magic sig)

Tennis class is over. I'm sad. I really like going out there to play tennis. :'(

I changed the song of the week... Not sure if anyone is going to like it, and it's not the normal type of song I'd pick I think, but I really think it sounds nice. Sorry if it's not your thing. It is Only One (in the world) by Rihanna.

Alright, well I think that's it for updates so I'm going to work on my resume now. Bye bye. :)


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