Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well, didn't meet all my goals...

BUT I did get a bit done on the blog! Added 3 new pages: Animes I've Watched, Generally Me, and Art Stuff.

Took me a long time to do the art page, haven't seen most of that stuff in years. It was quite nostalgic. :3

Played some basketball, caught up on anime, finished 24, and read some of The Best Life Diet.

Oh added an awesome youtube video to the right, you can see.

It's really awesome. Always makes me laugh. Enjoy.

What else, what else... Oooh, made a header for my sister's blog. It turned out alright I guess, but I'm reminded why I love anime pics instead of real-life stock images. Much easier to use, cut out, and blend and the end-result is just better looking in my opinion. Anyway, here was my result:

Shawn and Tiffany Robinson's Blog Header

This ended up taking me about 4 hours... And she wants me to make her a pink one now for her dieting blog. /wrists -_-

Ooooh well, that's about all I have to report. Going to read some more The Best Diet Life and then head to bed.

Good night and sweet dreams everyone ~


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