Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finished Nana ~ Want more!

Yup, finished the anime Nana today. 47 episodes. And of course it's unfinished, and the manga is on-going. Someday they will make a new season though, and I'll be waiting! The 47 episodes were pretty amazing, and made me think about life, decisions, and a lot of other things, which of course also made me very depressed. >.> But it's a really good anime.

My ring and necklace got here yesterday. :) Didn't post anything though because I was busy watching Nana.

Going to weight training class in a few minutes, but when I get home later today I'm going to start downloading some new music. ^^

That's all I got. Cya~

Hopefully my Creatine will get here today.


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