Sunday, September 5, 2010

Slacking on school!

Forgot to post yesterday, was out most of the day. I went to some new Aldi's that just opened with my sister and hey boyfriend. That was a zoo... Like, it was ridiculous. :x BUT I got 28 bottled waters for $2.79. :) Then we went to her house and hung out watching college football for an hour then went to the dollar movie theater with my mom and grandma. We saw 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice.' It was pretty good for a Disney movie I suppose. I used to love Disney movies when I was little, but I generally try my hardest to avoid them now. They just feel really childish anymore.

Oooooh, I managed to get up at 5 AM yesterday and do me 5 mile walk/jog/shadowboxing. ^^ And I managed to do it again this morning! Hopefully--no, definitely--I'll keep that up for at least a few months. Depending on that time, I may cut it back to every other day or something, but we'll see. Also, winter is coming up which could hinder me, but hopefully not.

I was looking at bluetooth headsets for iPods today. They're tooooo expensive. :(

Oh, and I randomly decided I've been sad without my class ring (I seem to have lost it a couple months ago :( ) so I was looking at some cheap guy rings, and I found this one on the Walmart store:

So, me being me, I ordered it spur of the moment. I will be wearing it on my right ring finger when it gets here in 3 weeks. :3 I got it engraved with, "Live the life you choose" I went through a whole bunch of different sayings and stuff, but that's the one I decided to go with. It'll help keep me motivated on life too.

Now I just need a puka shell necklace, like:



They're pretty cheap. I might end up getting a couple of them. We'll see.

I was watching Ashita no Joe all day today. >.>

1 more episode then I'm going to work on my weightlifting journal, then take the trash out... and there was something else I was supposed to do, but I can't remember....

TOMORROW THOUGH, I MUST get up and do my 5 AM jog, then work work work on physics book work, lap writeup, and online homework. No more slacking. If I get it all done I'll be nice and caught up, stress free.


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