Monday, August 16, 2010

Movies movies movies.

So, I watched several movies over the last couple days (and intend to watch severalll more over the next few days).

Let's see. Some I have watched: American Pie Presents: Beta House, American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile, My Best Friend, Mongol, Hometown Legend, The Warlords, The Twilight Samurai. I'm watching Robinson Crusoe now and then I'm going to bed. Out of those movies, I'd say I liked Mongol best, followed by The Warlords but I've always liked epic "quest" type movies like that. :3 I went through last night and added 47 movies to my instant queue, so I should be busy the next few days.

OOOOH, and my computer screen is no longer working...? It's all pixelly and crap, like the white pixels aren't working... idk, lol. :'( I changed all the white to black and then made everything else yellow, so my screen is like all black and yellow now, it's pretty ugly, but at least I can read text. =/

Oh, and my mom lent me a couple dollars today for some whole grain brown rice and water. Yay, lunch and dinner for the next 3 weeks.

That's all. :) 'Night.


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