Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PayPal... Yuck.

I really don't like PayPal. -_- I can't add a debit/credit card to my account until I confirm my address and phone number, but they aren't the right ones. I can't change my address or phone number without confirming the current incorrect ones are correct... Wtf?! I hate you PayPal. So I'm like... Oh yeah? Well I'll just cancel my account and re-make it! Ha, out-smarted you little PayPal bitches! So, you wish to close your account? Please verify your banking account first by entering your Full Account Number... My First Merit banking account from years ago... THAT NO LONGER EXISTS... Thank you PayPal, I can't even cancel my damned account. -_-

But whatever, I called PayPal and was able to get this stupid 3-month recurring payment canceled at least. Just in time too. The charge was going to overdraft me tomorrow.

Watching Saw IV then going to bed. 'Nightttt.

Also, I am halfway done with this 2000 question survey thing, mwuahahaha.


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